Sunday, September 20, 2015



Not dead. Rather drawn from the hobby from lots of real life challenges. Back and with updates. Recently dove in and bought an airbrush. Here is the results from using a great scheme by NextLevelPainting. Thanks for that bro!

Will try and keep this updated regularly. Hope to get some games in soon at new LGS. Wanted to sign up for an escalation league but of course my jeep had to break down again. Life continues.

Fenrys Hjolda! 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

All aboard the Muderfang!

Hail brothers! It's been far too long. But all is not lost for the Wolves of Fenris are on the rise once more! That's right, Wolves are back in town, and without any large warmachines of doom which seems to be the popular choice for new armies lately. No, instead we received some tasty new Dreadnoughts, a new character dread and a remodeled Bjorn, and our own flying longship! That's right, the Sky Warriors of Fenris are finally taking to the skies!

First up, some photos!

Just look at those beautiful mini's! So juicy, so flavorful, so choppy! Man, I really can't wait. Now, onto the rumor's for some of these.
First up, Helfrost Weapons!
Helfrost Cannon (for the Stormwolf) -Dispersed-24" S6 Ap3-Blast, Twin-linked, Helfrost (whenever I model takes an unsaved wound, it makes a strength test. If it fails, it is removed from the game as a casualty)
-Focussed-24" S8 Ap1, twin-linked, Helfrost

Helfrost Destructor (stormfang) -Dispersed-24" S6 Ap3- large blast, helfrost
-Focused-24" S8 Ap1-Lance, helfrost

These look mighty tasty. I'm always a fan of multiple options for shooting weapons, and these look like a lot of fun!

Next up, the Axe and Shield dread!

Dreadnought Axe and Shield:Fenrisian Greataxe S=userx2 AP2 - Mastercrafted

Blizzard Shield S=user AP2 - Grants a 3+ Invulnerable save against all attacks originating from the Dreadnought's front side

Looks solid to me! Can't wait for these to hit the shelves (and hit my wallet harder than a speeder bike on Endor...)


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Update Time!


Greetings all! After a hiatus, I've returned hopefully to update this a bit more often! I bring a peace offering though, a fully painted Rune Priest! (still needs basing)

I present Erik Stormborn of the company of Jarl Thorimir Kingslayer. One of many Rune Priest to come, he was a quick kit bash I had done when I first started the army back in 09-10. I stripped the horrible paint job of SW blue I had originally done and swapped his head for a simple helmet. The runes are a bit rough I know, but from the table top it doesn't look half bad if I do say so myself. Going to be working on my 3rd Grey Hunter pack now, so look forward to pics of them soon(ish)!


(p.s., watch History Channels  Vikings. Very inspirational and great to paint too)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Wolves of Fenris are upon you!

Fenrys Hjolda!

 So I have finished my FIRST EVER completed unit (both painting AND basing!)

Let me know what you think!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Firstly, I apologize for not updating this as often as I should. Really failing on that new years resolution huh?

Have no fear, with the release of 6th Edition for Warhammer 40,000 I have been kicks started once again with a drive to play and paint.

So what does 6th Edition mean for us? Well, from reading most of the new rules, it's going to be a totally different game without losing the core mechanics we already know (Movement to Shooting to Assaulting, things like this that haven't changed order) but have new and awesome rules!

The universe of 40K just got a whole lot deadlier. With new rules for lots of old and new units, things such as Flyers and Bikes (especially jet bikes!), Shooting heavy weapons on the move, shooting at enemy attackers before they charge, and Challenges between characters! Blood will be spilt plenty in this new edition. 

 And with the inclusion of Allies, we will be seeing a lot of neat armies on the table.

But what about the Space Wolves, how will it effect us?

Well, from what I can see (haven't got a game in yet :( ) we should do descent to fairly well in this edition. Units like Wolf Scouts took a blow with the new rules for Outflanking not allowing an assault the first turn they arrive. So no more charging into that gunline of IG or Tau with melta weaponry and close combat galore.

Also, Acute Sense got a nerf as it only effects Outflanking units, rather than helping in Night Fighting. Night Fighting also got changed up, and seems like it will also be more prevalent now.

But, some things that have changed for the good. Wolf Priests will be seeing more of the table top now that Preferred Enemy is re-rolls to 1 on hit and wound for both shooting and Close Combat! Toss him with a Plasma Pistol, Runic Armor, and Saga of the Hunter into a unit of tooled up Plasma toting Grey Hunters and Outflank the whole unit (now arriving easier with the new Acute Sense rule) and start tossing plasma down range.

Rune Priests are still going to be a strong contender for our HQ slots as their Runic Weapons still being great, our codex powers being good, and the inclusion to access 3 of the new Psychic Disciplines (Biomancy, Divination, and Telekenisis). Of these three, Divination seems like the best choice as the Primaris power (which you can choose to take rather than role for I believe) is solid in that you get to re-roll to hit. The other powers in this discipline seem all pretty good as well. One in particular being that you can Overwatch (Shooting enemy Attackers just before they charge) at normal BS (Overwatch is generally done as a Snapshot (BS1)). But, as these are randomly selected powers, you should never rely on getting them.

Units like Swift Claws and Sky Claws, which didn't see much use outside of friendly/fluff games, now seem more attractive with rules like Hammer of Wrath (1 attack at I10 when they charge before any other attacks are made) and bikers now using the Toughness Value in the () for everything. No more worrying about Missile Launchers insta killing them. 

This was just a quick update post and a quick look at how the Wolves will fair in this new Edition. I plan to do some more in depth posts about certain rules, units, etc. So stay tuned! 

Thanks for reading!

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years resolution and how to loose to Eldar

Well, I played my first game of the year against my buddies new Eldar, and got my arse kicked! It was a fun game though.

We played the mission where we are on a moon base and the defender (me) is trying to evacuate a high ranking individual to a shuttle. 

Well, his first turn of shooting ended that idea when he blew up my Land Raider, killing said individual. This then just turned the game into a brutal annihilation game with rending weapons everywhere and all infantry able to jump. 

My list, which was just a list put together from what I had, was 

Wolf Priest-RA, WTN, WTT, MB's-140
Rune Priest-LL, MH-100
Wolf Guard-Arjac, 2x Frost Axes, 2x CombiMeltas/Fists, 4x Wolf Claws, 1x TH/SS-610 (I know, big big points sink, but just what I have at current)
2x Grey Hunter Packs-Melta Gun, Wolf Standard, MotW-165
2x Drop Pods
2x Long Fangs-5x Missile Launchers
Land Raider Crusader-Multi Melta-260

I know this list really doesn't have a lot of synergy really, but just what I had on hand. 

His list was (roughly)

Autarch (with Swooping Hawks
Striking Scorpions
Fire Dragons
2x Guardian units with heavy weapons
Guardian Jetbikes
Dire Avengers
Warp Spiders
Swooping Hawks
Fire Prism

So, first turn I was able to knock out the Fire Prism and the Banshee squad, and moved the LRC with passenger towards the shuttle. 

His first turn of shooting blew up said LRC, killing the passenger. He then wiped the first podded Grey Hunters with the Avatar.

After this it was just a bloody bloody game. He tabled me by turn 6 (only had two drop pods on the board) and he still had: 1 Guardian squad, Reapers, Falcon, Swooping Hawks with Autarch and one Warp Spider.

This game gave me a good feel for the Eldar and what to change. Obviously the Mega unit in the LRC is only for games that are pure fun, or Apoc, so leave them at home

Units that did well:
Grey Hunters-They performed above average, slaying anything in their path. Downfall, not nearly enough of them. (Don't worry, I have more in the mail)
Long Fangs-They did great knocking down the Fire Prism, and murdering units like the Striking Scorpions before they got to assault anything. Downfall, Swooping Hawks.

So, like one brother mentioned, more bodies is what I need. Plans for next list (when I get the models) will be 4 or more Grey Hunter packs in Pods supported by Long Fangs from range. Vehicles don't last against Eldar it seems.

Also my new years resolution, play more 40k! And get an army painted! 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Paint Scheme, old look

So I just couldnt live with the baby blue scheme I had and decided to change it up. Going with a grey-grey scheme.

Still have to finish the bases, shoulder markings, etc, but they are playable and will look good in a group. The scheme is also meant to get my models painted faster so I will have a force to be reckoned with!

First up, a red headed Grey Hunter

Secondly, a Grey Hunter with MotW (or, atleast how I currently am representing it)

and thirdly, a Wolf Priest I made from bits

Let me know what ya think!